Monday, 8 September 2014


Over the last decade, the world gay and lesbian agenda has become obvious with the activists seeking to infiltrate national bureaucracies. They know they could never stand for parliament on a platform of gay rights.

So they achieve their aims in secret by infiltration of the bureaucracies of the world. They seek to control education, public housing, legal, health and welfare. 

They want to have the gay and lesbian lifestyle presented in human development in schools as a lovely and valid option in life.

They want the age of consent lowered for children to have sex with adults. They want to adopt children even single gays and lesbians.

They want the churches banned from opposing homosexuality.

They want public housing made available to gay, lesbian and paedophile men and women. It could mean that they use false names and set up love nests for themselves.

The Australian gays and lesbians have worked to achieve legalization of gay and lesbian sex and to include in education in Papua New Guinea.

Let the nation be warned that there is a small cadre of gay men working in the National Housing Estates Limited. It is certain that they plan to divert/steal public housing, particularly the housing planned for the future.

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