Saturday, 6 September 2014


There are so many countries now giving full equality to gay and lesbian rights. The primary nation is the United States under the leadership of President Obama. 

There may well be a naive lack of understanding of the implications of gay and lesbian rights. To start off with, there are also rights given to paedophiles, those men and women who want sex with children.

Equal rights means that gay and lesbian sex have an equal place in educational curriculum. Teachers have the right to promote gay and lesbian sex as a proper alternative in sexuality for children. Parents have no right to complain and will hit a brick wall if the go to Court. So many parents have failed in legal action in the United States.

Let us recall the book written by the Rev. Hammond in South Africa on the hidden gay and lesbian agenda in the world. It was called the Pink Agenda. I have always had sympathy for Rev. Hammond in becoming the focus of gay and lesbian hate. Please click:


When I started promoting Positive Living in 2001, the Australian gays and lesbians spread the word that I was a child molesting wife beater.

When the Rev. Hammond published his book almost 15 years ago, he was denounced by the South African gays and lesbians as being a gun runner to the rebels in Angola responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

These creeps never change. The gutter hate message has gone right through to the gay boys of the National Housing Estates Limited and the house stealers do their best to evict me.

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