Thursday, 4 September 2014


It is time for an audit for public housing as held by National Housing Corporation and National Housing Estates Limited. An audit may find that millions upon millions of kina have been lost in stolen housing units and rent monies at the hands of criminal bully boys.

This has been more the problem of the National Housing Corporation (NHC) in which houses were stolen by officers. The system has been tightened up with the National Housing Estates Limited (NHEL) but the houses passed over from NHC may have lacked rental histories. Corrupt officers made sure the payment history was not available to reveal the theft of rental monies.

NHC still holds a register of houses. I was offered an NHC house at Waigani a few weeks ago but refused. The tenant had not yet been evicted by police - no Court Order. I would guess that the houses with stolen rents would stay with NHC, even though the officers concerned had moved to NHEL.

For years now, the corrupt officers have been diverting public property into their own bank accounts. It is so hard to identify housing units that have been corruptly deleted from the housing register. All the old records have probably been shredded.

The responsibility lies with the Board of Directors and the CEO who we understand is seeking an audit with the Auditor General. She is undoubtedly being set up by the corrupt bully boys who want to see her removed and replaced by a house stealer. That will make theft easier.

Police state they know of no warrant of arrest for the CEO as reported in the media. It may have been written by a constable somewhere for a bribe of K100. Bully boys want to keep their stolen income. The gay boys want to set up secret love nests in stolen public housing.

The Managing Director is John Dege. We wonder what he will do in the face of an audit of public assets. It is very much in his interests to stop the looting if he is to remain as Managing Director.

I have been removed by the housing bully boys who witnessed the way I kicked house stealer Alan Baragu from the housing unit in Garia Street But they have unleashed a backlash from which they will not survive. They allowed themselves to accept the false stories of the house stealers.

The war has started. They are the enemy of the nation. If they worked in China, the house stealers would be taken out and publicly executed. They are damaging the nation.

The unit at 83 Garia Street had no record of rental payments. To renew the lease, the tenant had to bring in old receipts. So how can there be no record of rents? Where has the money been going all these years? If this can happen once, it is probably happening hundreds of times.

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