Thursday, 25 September 2014


We read in the media of the expulsion of 10 grade 12 students for involvement in cult activities. Students of the school claim that no cult activities are going on at the school.

The principal justified the action of the school administration in monitoring the activities of the grade 12 students passing their cult names to selected students who would take their place.

This means that there is a cult at the school. Otherwise there would be no need for cult names. It comes down to the fact that there has to be a dividing line between teachers and the students who have worked to hijack the school.

Schools are places of learning not the meeting place and breeding grounds for student cults. The time may come when cults seek to have a controlling voice in the affairs of the school. That is just not on.

Bumayong High school students may claim there are no cult activities in the school. That may be true. These activities may be carried out in the jungle clearings adjacent to the school.

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