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I am not homophobic. I oppose the gay, lesbian and paedophile anti-family agenda.

The younger and older generations in this country would not be aware that a vicious secret war has been raging in Papua New Guinea since 2002.

This was the beginning of the National HIV/AIDS response with the vanguard of advisors arriving from Australia to wage war against the virus. Sadly it did not happen.

It is clear now that the contingent of Australians were gay and lesbian activists come to insert their own hidden agenda.

It was not a reduction in AIDS infection but the destruction of families with greater sexual activity of boys and girls through increased use of condoms and awareness of rights without responsibilities. These foreigners were the cultural enemy.

There was a core of gay and lesbian supporting activists who led the campaign including Professor Michael Toole (Burnett), Elizabeth Cox (AusAID & UN Women), Stewart Watson (AusAID and UNAIDS), Sir Peter Barter (business man and past Minister for Health) and Bomal Gonapa (NACS and National Housing Estates Limited).

Corruption and bullying raged in the National HIV/AIDS campaign with a stream of gays and lesbians brought up from Australia. Many came as contract workers and used their time to come back as consultants.

The focus was not on living with HIV/AIDS but on condoms, violence of men, abuse of women and girls and legalization of gay and lesbian sex. There was no focus on how a family would look after an infected loved one.

The nation was bullied into submission through pressure on national officers. Though the Australians were advisors, they were really the bosses. Any national doctor working in the campaign could guarantee no renewal of contract with any comment contrary to the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda.

Churches were bullied starting with the activist use of the word “koap” that was regarded as vulgar by the nation. A man would “go up” a woman. But the gays and lesbians were counting guns of which organizations would be denied funding of Australian tax payers’ money.

Churches were expected to distribute condoms with total contempt for a faith view. The one morally decrepit faith organization was the Anglican church that ran Anglicare and gave out condoms like lollies even to married policemen on temporary duty in the highlands during the last election.

To this very day, the gays and lesbians have never stopped our Positive Living message and suffered defeat to the top floor of the UN building in New York.

The lesbians in Papua New Guinea thought they would push the 24 reserved seats for women in parliament with the legalization of gay and lesbian sex.

They put massive pressure on the Minister for Community Development Dame Carol Kidu. But the plan failed to have 24 places for PNG lesbians in parliament.

The demise of the gay and lesbian foreign agenda began with continued publicity by AIDS Holistics on corruption in Australian support.

Sir Peter Barter as gay Chairman to the National AIDS Council tried to stop our message by threatening to have the daughters of the founder put into care for abuse. He failed. Creep.

A ray of light came with the appointment of the Director for the National HIV/AIDS Secretariat Wep Kenawi who announced that the family was the epicentre of the response. His contract was not renewed.

The axe fell on the gays and lesbians at the hand of the Prime Minister Kevan Rudd who was on our extensive email list for over two years.

He raised an audit of Australian advisors some 5 years ago and deleted about 60%. It was not political to point out that many were gay and lesbian AIDS consultants.

Then most of the gay and lesbian consultants were gone much to the joy of the corrupt UN gay and lesbian activists in UNDP, UN Women and UNAIDS. Many were corrupt Australians They thought their day had come.

The remaining gay and lesbian influence has moved to the security area of the Australian High Commission where they could conduct their bullying of care groups and churches.

The Salvation Army and Catholic Church were key targets. Now AusAID is gone. Perhaps the corruption has only moved to Canberra.

Corruption continued in the UN. Head of UNAIDS Stewart Watson continued the anti-family agenda with advice to the nation on 2 World AIDS Days not to hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. Let us wait for World AIDS Day 2014.

Led by corrupt lesbian predator Elizabeth Cox came a focus on violence towards women in Port Moresby markets. She raised several fake reports including a report that two women had been raped in Gordons market. Liar.

One report presented in a conference in Thailand stated that a high percentage of men in 6 countries including Buka PNG raped their wives.

Another report stated that 60% of PNG men have been in gang rape. Now they are passing their fake reports to care organizations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres. If you want funding, publicize our reports.

The fake reports have been denounced by Hon Gary Juffa MP, Mr John Momis President of the Bougainville Autonomous Region and AIDS Holistics.

There has been such bad publicity directed to the UN that three Heads of UN organizations have come to PNG in the last year. One was the chief lesbian supporter of New Zealand.

But now the Positive Living message has come to the fore in PNG churches and care groups. Focus is on FAMILY. AIDS infection is dropping. It is due in large measure to the FAMILY message.

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