Wednesday, 10 September 2014


In the last two months, the issue of house stealing has built up on the matter of houses being stolen by present and past members of the National Housing Corporation and National Housing Estates Limited.

The present issue started with the house at Lot 117 Section 05 83 Garia street and two attempted invasions of the unit by house stealers the Baragu family and neighbour Jill Kendi. Alan Baragu was terminated some years ago for stealing NHC houses.

He seems to have been doing exactly what the present acting Managing Director John Dege is being accused of doing by tenant Jack Tulia who has had his house at Siule Place East Boroko sold by Dege. He produced a list of houses claimed sold across PNG by Dege in reports to The National from 9 September 2014.

But the house at 83 Garia Street Saraga is now vacant with the tenant afraid to live there because of threats of violence from thug neighbours and the occupant evicted. No rent is now paid. Advice from the tenant is that the house has been opened by a drug body marijuana smoker who has brought in his own tenants.

The occupant has placed several reports on internet on the corruption in NHC and NHEL. He referred to stealing of houses and rent by thug officers. He has pointed out that a gay group of activists has infiltrated NHEL to steal houses for the gay and paedophile community.

The occupant has been promoting Positive Living with HIV/AIDS and TB for over a decade. He has been opposed by the Australian and national gay and lesbian officers.

The present eviction may well be linked to his success in destroying the gay and lesbian hidden agenda. The legal officer of NHEL is a corrupt gay activist from the days of the National HIV/AIDS response.

The thug officers led by Michael, Francis and John had tried to divert the issue away from themselves. So they accused the acting CEO Madeline Paulisbo of stealing houses while an officer of NHC.

Through her husband she responded in The National by advising that they are trying to remove her, allow the corruption to continue and stop the audit that Ms Paulisbo has discussed with the Auditor General. An audit of houses and rents is long overdue.

Then came a media statement from past Managing Director Akukusa who accused her of stealing houses. He did not mention that he had been imprisoned for house stealing.

Now the plot is getting thicker with accusation by Jack Tulia that his stand alone house at East Boroko was sold under him by the Managing Director John Dege who has denied and stated that the house was legally sold to another person.

Tulia claims Dege to have sold 40 houses. The question arises as to who gets the money. All this tenant has to do is to have his lease published in the media. Dege says in the media today that he has no idea how Tulia got a lease. He says the lease is illegal. Sounds like an excuse to me.

But the issue is being diverted away from the nest of NHEL thugs. It is time for a new approach to recruitment to be introduced.

The problem is that rogues recruit rogues. There should be an advisory committee of clergy and other reputable people to recommend appointment of NHEL and NHC officers.

In the Post Courier today, John Dege says that there are 250 Court cases pending. Many of these would involve corruption of housing officers.

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