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UN and AUSAID trolls at work to destroy our message

After 12 years giving support to people living with HIV/AIDS and promotion of the Positive Living message, there is one sadness that I feel every time I open Google with my name and that of AIDS Holistics.

That is the hate reports that I find and the scurrilous and hateful messages  I read about me. For 12 years now the Positive Living message has aroused hatred particularly among the Australian advisors.

They desperately wanted to remove any family message from AIDS awareness to be replaced with a message on rights of women and girls and violence of men. AIDS Holistics stood in their way then and now.

So over 12 years, there has been a series of hate attacks of the Australian gay and lesbian advisors. In 2004, the hatred started with emails to me and my list of addresses telling all that I was a violent family basher.

There was even a fake priest Father Reyne who emailed to me and all that I should pray to God for forgiveness for my violence and abuse. Cheeky. That went on until I asked his parish and bishop. I never heard of him again. Real priests counsel in private not to 60 addressees. Fake.

Another hate emailer stated that she had contacted family in Australia and found out that I had abused my children, stolen money from my church and damaged the chances in the election of the political party I supported.

The real hatred came from a blogger who claimed to have been advised by many PNG women in Australia that I had abused them by email. Why did they advise him?  How did we all know our email addresses?

He came to an end when a combined effort found out that he was Malum Nalu journalist of The National newspaper who texted a woman Lydia in Port Moresby under my name and was found out. He had called her a whore. Please click

great lady speaks out - family positive living - aids holistics
Jan 5, 2012 - GREAT LADY SPEAKS OUT. This has been a very difficult blow.

But he tried to pin it all on me. The Voy report below falsely claims that the lady pointed the finger at me. Not true. Nalu was the troll who spread on internet that I was a cyberstalker. The report below was written by Malum Nalu. Please click:

gay filth on internet - family positive living - aids holistics
Feb 27, 2012 - AIDS PNG Bruce Copeland documented cyberstalker

The most hateful and weird blog report was posted on the shit rag It was a detailed and anonymous description of my personality from someone who did not know me.

It was undoubtedly written by an AusAID or UN lesbian activist by the focus on my hate for strong women. That was a dead giveaway. The report quotes Lydia Kailap. Please click:

Philma Kelegai -- Waghi Online - VoyForums Oct 22, 2011 - 2 posts
There is unsubstantiated information that Mr Copeland caught 
AIDS from a ... Living AIDS Holistics

I put this report on internet for my friends including my children who have read some of the hate material. I really should not worry as the Positive Living message is broadly accepted in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.

Suva in Fiji has been the headquarters of the Pacific gays, lesbians and paedophiles involved in the HIV/AIDS response.

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