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We have posted a report on blog on psychology. It is turning out to be the most fascinating and horrible report we have ever done. It ends positively with description of modern positive living. 

But it traces a trail of evil from past centuries when innocent people were murdered by others who deemed they had no right to live. At times, it was all in the name of God and all decent living people. Please click:

INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY ..... horror of nazi holocaust - family positive living - aids

There was the burning of witches in the Middle Ages, very much supported by the Catholic priests of Europe by way of removing the competition in villages. Open the blog above. One of the linkages on burning at the stake reported that people died quickly by suffocation. So they were burned first in small fires to prolong the agony.

There were the trials and killings of people accused of being witches at Salem in colonial America. The American colonies had become the home of people seeking to escape from the persecution in Europe. But they had their own persecution.

The 1800s was the time of renewal with the theories of Sigmund Freud. Many of the modern ideas on psychology came from Germany. So too the hateful and cruelly genocidal ideas of Adolf Hitler using the rising psychology to remove the Jews. Their cranials were Neanderthal and animal like.

Read the linkage on phrenology in the lower part of the report above. There was the belief that people showed their behaviour by bumps on the skull. As a behaviour pattern increased, the bump became larger as the brain expanded. It was called a pseudo-science.

Hitlers ideas were the same. Phrenology probably told the Nazis that they were the most intelligent in the world because of their high foreheads that were the phrenologist intelligence bump. By the same token, the Slavs were the most unintelligent because of their alleged low foreheads like dogs.

The Germanic Aryans had to be protected from the animal Jews with their low Cephalic Index. Jews from university professors to concert pianists, teachers, doctors and family members had to go to the gas chambers to protect the Germanic people from racial contamination.

Ethnic cleansing is not a new concept. It has gone on for centuries with armies that killed every man, woman and child. It became part of the Balkan tradition with the killings of hundreds of thousands of people after World War 1. It coincided with the pogroms of Stalin when Jews were declared beyond the protection of the law. Bosnian Moslems were massacred as late as 25 years ago.

It is interesting that so many hits have appeared for the report above. This is not just a report for Diploma students at Norman Sike Institute in Mt Hagen in Papua New Guinea. It is of interest to the people of the world. Young people need to know.

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