Sunday, 8 February 2015


Welcome to highlands students enrolling at the Norman Sike Institute in Mt Hagen. We are due to start in late February once building modifications are complete.

We plan to conduct courses for Certificate and Diploma students in computing, business, economics, management and marketing. 

I am to be the Director of Studies once formalities are complete and will bring special skills and experience to my work. I have been a teacher in these areas for over 30 years in the Australian Defence Force and in Papua New Guinea business training.

I have a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education from Queensland with a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Cambridge University.

I have been an officer in the Australian Army retiring in the rank of Major. I served at the Joint Services College in 1975-1977 as a teacher of many officer cadets, some of whom became Commanders of the PNGDF. 

I returned to Australia to be posted to the then RAAF School of Languages where I took courses for 14 years preparing Australian soldiers for posting to PNG with Tok Pisin and understanding of culture.

In 1985, I was awarded the PNG 10 Year Independence Medal for services to the PNGDF. I was one of only two Australian officers to be awarded.

On retirement from the Australian Army, I returned to PNG to become a senior teacher as deputy principal and senior subject master at three schools in Morobe province.

The wheel turns as I am now to be the Director of Studies at Norman Sike Institute in Mount Hagen and will give Education and Training a high level of polish. For all my life I have taught the studies of the Certificates and Diplomas at this school.

My Arts degree focussed on history and government of world nations, in particular the world powers and developing nations. I studied the dictatorships of the world led by Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin and others and learned that the developing world will always suffer at the hands of the major industrial powers.

As an officer of the Australian Army I tutored officers for their current affairs promotion exams and again focused on the economic and political problems of the world nations.

I have been determined that the Certificate students will benefit from all this knowledge as I have chosen to take mainly management, economics and marketing. So I plan to make sure that the Diploma students are able to take in these areas too by regular tutoring.

I hope to make the Norman Sike Institute as a polished study centre with students coming to see the big picture of the economic and political world. It will mean a lot of hard work for all tutors.

The students of the Diploma courses lack a background of world affairs that I will now provide. It is not just enough to learn the theory of business without seeing what happens in the world.

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