Monday, 16 February 2015


The key to business training particularly at tertiary level is for students to master skills. They need to learn to solve problems, analyse situations, have creative ideas and put together plans. I had planned to work in Mt Hagen at a new business college but been appalled by the standard of text books for the students.

Students are merely required to read a work book of facts and answer questions based on the American business scene. I have produced 4 books that are creative and analytical and teach students to see a large world picture of politics and economics. They solve problems of business and come up with innovative ideas. 

See the books on this blog below on psychology, marketing, management and business communications. The non-teacher says these are crap. He is supposed to have a degree in Education, He has nothing.

His hidden agenda is that he wants to take my 15 year old daughter. He says he will take the pressure off me if I give him my grade 9 daughter. He has a young girl with his baby whom he took from primary school at the age of 14 years, abandoning his wife and 5 kids.

But I have been faced with threats and abuse from the non-teacher who downloaded his books from Google. No reference to PNG business. He wants to destroy my capacity to live so that I will hand over my daughter. Please click:

threats and abuse at a business college - family positive ...
Feb 6, 2015 - FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING - AIDS HOLISTICS. faith, hope, peace, love, truth 

I feel sad for the students as this person has forced my removal amid threats of violence, deportation and arrest by the police for whatever. The students will be the main losers.

The non-teacher thug tutor says he bans me from my workplace at Port Moresby Institute of Matriculation Studies. I am banned from writing work books. He says he will smash my face if he sees me at school. Then he claimed his tribesmen would be waiting for me at the gate.

In an era when this country is crying for skilled expatriate teachers, this thug tutor and non-qualified teacher is the only person I have seen claiming to be smarter than a highly qualified and experienced expatriate teacher.

The thug tutor will be the senior non-teacher at the Port Moresby branch of the business college. He is unqualified to teach.

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