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The Positive Living message first came to Papua New Guinea by the 2001 Chang Mai International HIV/AIDS conference. There was a program at the conference of inviting reports from the world on certain topics to be discussed online.

I downloaded about 60 reports on Positive Living mainly from South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Tanzania. All reports focused on the message of individuals and care groups.That became the foundation of the message from Papua New Guinea.

A key report came from one Dipuo Bogatsu of Botswana who was a mother and talked about the Positive Living that she had needed to raise a family. A report also came from Thailand. Please click:

BOTSWANA: PlusNews Interview with Dipuo Bogatsu - Irin
Gabarone, 9 November 2001 (IRIN) - PlusNews Interview with Dipuo Bogatsu - Commonwealth Ambassador of Positive Living In 1992, Dipuo Bogatsu was .

Join in the Pre-conference Discussions on Home - ProCAARE
10 Aug 2001 ... Fifth International Conference on Home and Community 
Care for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS Chiang Mai, Thailand - 
17-20 December 2001 
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So the birth of Positive Living with HIV/AIDS was Africa and Thailand. The Pacific birth place was Papua New Guinea. AIDS Holistics has taken the message further than any other group in the world.

It is interesting to read the interview of Dipuo Bogatsu above. The situation she describes in Botswana is almost exactly the same as in Papua New Guinea. Few people want to give practical advice on living with HIV/AIDS. In Papua New Guinea, the only advice over 12 years has come from AIDS Holistics.

Too many foreign activists from the UN and AusAID were more interested in the ideology of rights of women and girls together with violence of men. 

There was no advice whatever for people struggling to come to terms with their HIV infection. The gay and lesbian agenda was to be the key focus while the foreign activists were in control. AIDS Holistics was banned to block Positive Living but we did not stop.

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