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There is a report in the Papua New Guinea newspaper The National 20 April 2015 P.19 in which a retired US General John Allen stated that there is a threat from the Islamic State (IS) among Moslem nations of South East Asia.

He disclosed that between hundreds and thousands of Asia men and women have fallen in with the Islamic State.

Comment: We have only to examine the Moslem nations of South East Asia to realize that there are large population centres in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. There would be large numbers of Moslems in West Papua who were transmigrated there over 30 years ago.

Then there is a border between West Papua and Papua New Guinea drawn on a map and following the river for some distance.

In the Middle East and North-East Nigeria there are large accumulations of Moslem extremists who have killed even Moslems in their plan to set up a caliphate.

Mao Tse tung once said that the people are the water in which the army as fish will swim. There is no such policy among IS who regard other Moslems as infidels.

It will be only a matter of time before the IS begins their activities in West Papua. The indigenous population will not be safe. They will die as enemies of the caliphate. Nor will the American controlled mines continue to operate under present management. 

Transmigrated Moslems may join IS as the home guard. It will be a perfect opportunity for Melanesian ethnic cleansing. Will the Indonesian Government allow this to happen?

So Papua New Guinea and Indonesia will be under threat. The IS plan will be to take over parts of the Indonesia archipelago, making difficulty for the armed forces of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea is just over the border and across the river.

Moslems will be beguiled into accepting IS as the religious force of the future ruling the world with Sharia law. We must not forget that the PNG Government and certain religious groups give support to Israel.

There may be thousands of Moslems who have joined from other nations. It may be there are many more just waiting for the arrival of IS on their shores.

The strategy will be for IS to support splinter groups that join up into one massive force in the end. Already Boko Haram of Nigeria has offered allegiance to IS and been accepted.

And PNG has an asylum centre housing Moslems who have been planned to live in Papua New Guinea. That may not be a wise move.

The IS will follow the occupation strategy of Nazi Germany. Borders will mean nothing. Citizens will die for not being the IS brand of Islam. Even those who go to fight for the IS can not guarantee that their families will be safe in the big invasion.

The losers in West Papua will be the indigenous villagers. They will stream across the border as refugees like the Syrian refugees into Jordan and Turkey. If IS is not stopped, we may expect trouble in West Papua within 2-3 years.

In decades past, the question was asked as to whether or not Indonesia would attack Australia and Papua New Guinea. The response was that Indonesia would invade PNG only if there was seen to be gross political instability which has never happened.

The other response was that it would only take place if there was a hostile and aggressive form of Islam in Indonesia. The traditional Indonesian Islam came with the traders not invaders and was more gentle. But that is slowly changing as we saw with the Bali bombers and minority groups.

Let us hope that a time of hostility never comes with IS on the move. The naval presence of Australia, USA and China in the South Pacific may remind all that major powers have an interest in regional stability.

The Philippines and USA are presently conducting the annual training exercise to prepare for anti-terrorism and regional stability.

I have deep compassion for the families and young girls in Northern Nigeria who were kidnapped from a girls' school and taken into the jungle. Reports come that they have been gang raped and murdered by Boko Haram rebels. 

Parents will be reluctant to send their children to school if they are to be attacked by hostile forces, There is a plan of the Islamic State to stop girls from receiving an education.

Kidnapped girls would cry for their parents but their parents will never come. I could not think of my two daughters taken into the jungle by rebels and perhaps murdered. This is not what Allah wants his followers to do.

Also for the village in the Middle East reported in the media attacked by the Islamic State troops. The young villagers escaped leaving only the old people whose throats were cut and left for dead. This is a war crime and a sin against Allah. 

The Islamic State insults Allah. But the Almighty is insulted in many wars. Atrocities are committed on all sides in the name of the Almighty.

Australian and US troops would have no problems with flushing IS fighters out of the South Pacific jungle. Their supply lines would be cut as the first step.

Only today (30 April 2015) we read of Nigerian troops rescuing women and girls from the Boko Haram camps in the Nigerian jungle. They can not remain in jungle forever. Food gardens do not last if villagers have been killed. The rural jungle is far more unforgiving that the urban jungle. 

Groups of Australian trekkers have just come back from the Kokoda Track at the end of the rainy season. Many had severe foot rot just like the Australian troops in the war.

The National Papua New Guinea 8 April 2015

Malaysian authorities said that suspected militants were part of a broader group trying to set up an Islamic State in Malaysia. Police Chief said the group planned to kidnap prominent personalities and rob banks to fund their activities.

They planned to raid several army camps and police stations to boost their arsenal of weapons.

A former member of the Jemiyah Islamia group from Indonesia detained was skilled in handling weapons. Malaysia had arrested 92 members believed to be supporters of ISIS.

Comment: There would be several sources of weapons in West Papua with military bases and police stations. There is also the Second Pacific Islands Regiment in Wewak.

The National 21 April 2015  ISIS Operations

JAKARTA . Indonesia's military has launched counter-terrorism operations in the eastern island of Sulawesi to help track down militants with suspected links with the Islamic State.

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