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Warning of events that may come within 2-3 years

We read in the media today The Post Courier 27 April 2015, that Saudi Arabia is the key IS target to the IS.  A vow has been made by IS to take over Saudi Arabia the birthplace of Islam and the site of its holiest mosques.

Last year, IS made a call for followers to attack Saudi Arabia. Its precarious position makes the King of that nation seek support from the USA.

Comment: In setting up a caliphate in the Middle East, the IS would control all holy sites including Mecca and plan to control the movement of Moslems on pilgrimage to the holy city. It will be easy to massacre a boat or train load of pilgrims.

This is a holy war in which innocent people are massacred. Moslem extremism is part of the same movement that grew out of Chechan Moslems and Al Qaeda. All world Moslem extremists may not have sworn allegiance to Al Qaeda and the Taliban but allegiance is there just below the surface.

The priority targets are the nations of the Middle East and South East Asia. Nigeria has come into the picture through the Boko Haram. 

The original hot seat of Moslem extremism was Chechnya whose Moslems suffered greatly under the cruel yoke of Stalin who deported large numbers to Asia to remove them in World War 2.

All groups use a guerrilla strategy of operating separately from every other group and unknown to one another except at the very highest levels. There will be no phone calls, email or text messages that can be hacked by intelligence services of the nations.

We all saw how the Japanese failed in WW2 with destruction of ships supplying food and armaments to the Japanese troops in the South Pacific. The Islamic State will live in urban and rural areas of target nations. Many are already at home. They are the Viet Cong of the Islamic State.

They will obtain their supplies of fruit and vegetables from local sources. Weapons and ammunition will be obtained from raids on police stations and military barracks. All nations in Asia have military and police barracks on the borders with other nations. Perfect to attack, kill personnel and capture supplies.

There has been concern expressed that the Moslem Nations of S-E Asia will come under attack. Closest to PNG and Australia is Indonesia that has experienced Moslem attacks in recent years. These will be linked to Islamic State.

Indonesia consists of a large archipelago like that of the Philippines. Outer Islands are difficult to control and expend massive resources at the hands of police and military. We have seen in the last decade or more how the Tamil Tigers overran police and military bases in Sri Lanka. In target countries, these bases will be IS supply points.

Both East Timor and West Papua will be extremely vulnerable. These will be on the periphery of the Islamic empire being set up.

The hub of the empire will be the Middle East that is crucially important to the developed world. It is the centre of oil production apart from Nigeria and Venezuela. There is a trans-continental railway ending in the Persian Gulf and traversing across China to Beijing. From here China sets off into Africa for raw materials.

The IS will not move down through Malaysia on bicycles as the Japanese did. They are already there. They will employ guerrilla warfare just as the Israelis did against the British in Israel during the 1940s and the Jemiyah Islamia in Bali.

It may be that West Papua will be attacked by transmigrated Moslems moved by the Indonesia Government over the last 30 years to defend the border with Papua New Guinea against Free Papua activists.

The United States has ignored the plight of the West Papuans seeking self determination. There is more concern with the mining in West Papua undertaken by the United States. Australia has followed suit in its desire not to offend Indonesia.

But they will have made a rod for their own backs if West Papua is taken by the Islamic State. It may be that the Indonesia Government will not oppose IS until genocide of the Melanesians is complete. That will be a matter of killing two birds with one stone. There will be no recognition of the border with Papua New Guinea.

With never-ending supplies of food, weapons and recruits, the IS may plan to wage war for years, destroying the infrastructure of every nation. The trick is to fight among the people for protection. Then the US can be blamed for drone attacks on innocent civilians.

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