Monday, 27 April 2015


A plea is made to the President of Indonesia to give mercy to the Australian duo soon to be executed by firing squad. They have made a serious mistake in smuggling drugs.

But their years in the Indonesian gaol have changed them as people. They have done their best to integrate with the Indonesian prisoners and to help them. They have become volunteers in helping their fellow prisoners.

There is more to be gained by letting them live and go on with their prison sentences. They appear to be of value in the prison. This will cease if they are executed. Their deaths will be a loss to the prison community.

Regardless of the response to Mr Abbott's words on Australian support to the Indonesia people in the aftermath of the tsunami, the Australian Government has shown a desire to be a good neighbour to the Indonesian people.

If another tsunami occurred, Australia would be ready to move even before a request came from the Indonesian Government regardless of the outcome of the present sentencing issue. That makes us good neighbours.

The Australian Federal Police provided information that led to the original arrests. But Australia was totally excluded from any input to sentencing. That does not make good neighbours.

There is a two way process in the importance of granting favours between nations. Australia needs a favour from the Indonesian President Mr Widodo. The two nations will be neighbours until the end of the earth.

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