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Over the last 20 years, there has been a gradual awareness of infection rates and of the timing of antiretroviral treatment. We were originally told that the ART should begin at the end as the HIV infection of CD4 cells proceeds slowly.

Then we were told that ART has to start early in the infection as the HIV attacks quickly and destroys large numbers of CD4 cells in blood and small intestine.

But the researchers may have been hypothesizing on individual cases as there are some who are infected quickly, some infected slowly and others who appear not to be infected. The non-progressors appear to be unaffected and do not show the typical symptoms of HIV infection. Please click:

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  1. It may be difficult to explain the causes of the progression rates. There may be a number of causes just as there are several fault points in the engine of a car. There may be ineffective connections in the chemokines that bind the HIV particle to the skin of the CD4 cell.
  2. There may also be ineffective connections in the RNA and DNA of the HIV particle that is carried by the CD4 cell and in making connections with the cell .
  3. Whatever the cause, the medical approach is not to give ARV treatment immediately in the belief that there is immediate genocide of CD4 cells. Nor does the medical approach involve waiting for several years in the belief that the CD4 is destroyed slowly.
  4. The approach now is to take a blood sample at regular intervals say every 3 months. The normal CD4 count is 700.  ART begins when the CD4 count drops. If slowly, the approach is to wait. If quickly, the ART begins soon. If non-progressing, the ART is postponed long term until the CD4 count drops. 
  5. The report below states that all infected people lose control of the HIV eventuallyPlease click:
  6. Characterisation of long-term non-progression of HIV-1 ...
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  9. Sep 18, 2014 - Summary. Background. Some individuals remain AIDS-free with a high and stable CD4 cell count without antiretroviral therapy 
  10. (ART) for many ...

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