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Positive Living has been with us since time began. Every nation had customs that led to long life of inhabitants. People lived long on a diet of fruit and vegetables. Meat was eaten but the effects were lessened by an active lifestyle.

In Papua New Guinea, the average life span for men is 48-50 years old. We see photos of deceased people in the media who are obviously obese. Men would have drunk much beer and eaten rubbish fatty foods from market stalls. So much tinned food has salt and oil, both contributing to heart problems and diabetes. Many PNG people live on tinned tuna and rice.

Men drive cars where many used to walk. They are overweight and do not exercise. Women in the rural areas have daily walks to the gardens and carry home bags full of vegetables. The average age of old village men and women can be in the 70s. 

There was the old village constable in Naduri village on the Kokoda Track who died last year at the age of 104. He was Seventh Day Adventist which accounted for a strict diet that excluded pork. He did not eat large amounts of protein. 

Scientists conclude that we live longer on small portions of protein. This old man may have spent 50 years or more walking mountain paths and drinking water from the creeks that cross the tracks.

So many people drink beer and soft drink. They do this instead of water. Our bodies need to be hydrated daily with water. If our bodies are dehydrated, then urine is orange in colour.

We should drink several litres of water each day. It is good to see PNG men and women in restaurants drinking a bottle of water with their meal. The men tend not to have beer guts.

There has been a growing awareness over the last decade of the importance of Positive Living in body, mind and soul. With Positive Living, we live longer. Our bodies are a holistic entity with the need for peace, happiness, relaxation, sunshine, exercise, nutrition and clean water. Some find peace through their faith.

We have to avoid all pollutants for our bodies and those of our loved ones. We avoid pollution of the mind in pornography we read and see on internet. We do not smoke tobacco or marijuana.

Pregnant and nursing mothers do not smoke as this will harm their baby. We see women breast feeding with a cigarette in their mouths. Their baby is being damaged. 

In years to come, an older person may suffer hardening of arteries from the mother’s cigarette smoke they breathed as a baby and a small child. This is child abuse. There is a pregnant woman at my work place who smokes.

Alcohol from beer will affect the sugar content that will bring on diabetes. Men with huge beer guts have shortened their lives. They probably smoke too.

We need to eat fruit to give us vitamins. We read that we should have 5-6 servings of fruit a day. This can be covered with a bowl of dessert after the main meal and pieces of apple, orange, banana, water melon and pawpaw. Years ago, my mother would give us children a spoonful of fish oil called Hypol. I am sure it was Omega 3. My clever mum.

Fruits can be bought in the markets of PNG but may be too expensive for many families. Some families live on tinned fish and rice. Potatoes may be just as cheap from the local market. 

Some children live on buns or twisties and Coca Cola. They have a lazy mother who is probably playing cards and gave the child K2 to buy their evening meal and get lost.

AIDS Holistics started the Positive Living message in Papua New Guinea in 2002. We were banned by Australian advisors who claimed the message was false though Positive Living was a topic at the International HIV/AIDS conference at Chiang Mai in 2003. But since that time, Positive Living has become the only message in the PNG response. Please click:

10th International Conference for People Living with HIV/AIDS
CARe. CRN+. Brief Background on the International Conferences for People Living with HIV/AIDS . ...Positive Living Sessions . ..... in Chang Mai, Thailand, were given more structure, diversity of .... By 2003, establish or strengthen effective.

Australian advisors tried to hijack the message with a gay and lesbian agenda that focused on abuse of women, violence of men and same sex marriage. But Positive Living involves rights, responsibilities, obligations, peace and caring for families. This includes women, men and children.

There is still a serious attack on Positive Living that comes from the women and girls themselves. They have protection in law from domestic violence. But there are many women who see that they need not stay at home and now neglect their families. Please click:

dame carol kidu on women and girls - family positive living
Sunday Chronicle 8 March 2015. Women and girls don't live as isolated 
beings. They live as 

They smoke, drink alcohol and home brew, go out to play cards, demand money from their husbands, hide money from their roadside stalls, neglect their children and have relationships outside their marriage by mobile phone. So the wheel turns. The next step is to bring men and women together in families.

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