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Progression of infection with HIV moves quickly among gay men who have the added damage to the gut lining from gut parasites. These have been swallowed as eggs from faeces of sex partners during anal licking.

Gay men are the key vectors of gut parasites in the world. The passage for the parasite eggs is directly from anus to mouth. Men pass the parasites to men and boys. Promiscuous gay men can pass the parasites to hundreds of other hosts.

The leaky gut adds massive infection that kills the victim in addition to the HIV infection. Both the HIV and gut parasites damage the small intestine preventing absorption of nutrients, water and salts with inevitable diarrhoea. Please click:

mend the gut lining - family positive living - aids holistics
Dec 28, 2014 - MEND THE GUT LINING. If you read no other report on this 
blog, read this one. It is at the epicentre of the HIV/AIDS infection. The action 
of HIV .

Parasitic infections of the small is known as coccidiosis and is generally asymptomatic. Symptoms Presents a study on the presence of intestinal parasites on gay men. Details of the ...

This information is never officially part of the HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in this country. Gay activists regard this as highly confidential information that the public has no right to know about. Gay activists are predators looking after their own sexual interests.

The HIV virus does not attack the body. It is a passive piece of DNA that floats in the blood and lymph. It is engulfed by the CD4 and attaches itself to the cell DNA replication process. In breaking out, the CD4 cells are destroyed.

The question arises as to whether or not gay men and boys are advised of the dangers of gut parasites and leaky guts. So the leaky gut is a key factor in progression of HIV infection. The CD4 count is not the only variable. Please click:

Early antiretroviral therapy may limit gut damage ... - Aidsmap
Mar 20, 2014 - When HIV disrupts the gut lining, bacteria can leak out – known as 
bacterial translocation – and trigger a systemic or whole-body inflammatory  

epithelial cells and gut parasites - family positive living - aids ...
Jun 25, 2012 - The key centre of digestion and absorption of nutrients and water is 

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  1. Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do - Family ...

    Gays claim that the “prevailing attitude toward homosexuals in the U.S. and many Tearing or ripping of the anal wall is especially likely during “fisting,” where the ... The proportion with intestinal parasites (worms, flukes, amoeba) has ranged ...the small intestine or gut. The gut is lined by hundreds of small projections 
We can tell that the gut is being disrupted when the HIV infected person starts to suffer chronic diarrhoea. This means that the gut lining has been damaged by HIV and/or gut parasites to the point that absorption can not take place of nutrients, salts and water. It all floods out as watery faeces or diarrhoea.

The water-salt balance is being disrupted which affects respiration and metabolism of food. The body begins to starve. The time is long overdue for antiretroviral treatment (ART). 

Non-progression of infection is likely if the person still has strong faeces which means that absorption is continuing and that the gut lining is still intact. HIV destroys the CD4 cells. Gut parasites replicate in the epithelial cells.

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