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Some are violent criminals.
The National 2 April 2015

In the media today is a report of one Margaret Marabe who claims she was the third person detected with HIV infection in the country in 1987. Now she wants to form a provincial positive living network at the National AIDS Council in Port Moresby.

She talked to the journalist of the hardship she faced with stigma and discrimination. She is saying all the right words. She did not mention the hardship she pushed on other people as an HIV/AIDS gang leader.

I faced the violence of Marabe at 3 Angels Care Centre in 2005 when put in as caretaker. My primary purpose according to the owner was to evict the over stayers. It took a while to realise that the centre had been hijacked by Marabe, Momo and Elaripe.

They did not want me there as they had already stayed at the centre illegally for 12 months and refused to leave. They claimed it was their private accommodation.

I was the caretaker but these people claimed to be in charge with me as intruder. Marabe was the boss who ruled with a long knife. The plan of Joe Lari the owner was for the centre to be a positive living training centre but the HIV criminals planned it to be their private home.

After a month of peace, they decided to kick me out. They started with the Australian lesbian claim that I was a violent wife beater and child molester. That failed. So the three criminals decided to set me up as having molested Marabe’s son. I went so close to being slashed to death by three brothers of Marabe, falsely briefed. Please click:
May 23, 2011 - PLOT TO MURDER. The Positive Living message
started in 2001 with the formation of a. group who were to form AIDS 
Holistics. From early

Marabe was the one who decided who stayed and who left. One woman was evicted by Marabe with the claim that she told neighbours that 3 Angels Care was a centre for AIDS victims. She was removed at the point of Marabe’s knife. On telling her to stay, I was slashed in the chest and stabbed on the forearm by Marabe. 

One young man from the PNGDF was formally admitted by the Provincial AIDS Office. I put him in a room. He did not stay. I met him in the street some weeks later and was told he only stayed a day. On the first night, he went forward to get a plate of food. Marabe put a knife to his stomach and said he would be stabbed if he took any food.

Marabe had a room to herself which she used late at night to bring men in for sex. So much for Positive Living. The owner finally could not stand the trouble and evicted all the overstayers and their street husbands. Marabe threatened to burn the centre down if evicted.

She would block any talk I gave newcomers on Positive Living. She claimed that she was the only person qualified to counsel. She said that if I talk about dementia, she would kill me. She had Positive Living with violence. I believe she was illiterate.

Marabe has the reputation of being a raskol troublemaker. She is finding problems getting funding for herself. She made world headlines some years ago with the claim that she witnessed HIV infected people in a highlands village being buried alive. When the police interviewed, she could not recall the village.

Perhaps she has changed over 10 years. But I fear that she is planning another stint as a criminal HIV leader. She will seek some fool organization to give her a care centre that she will hijack. She will seek funding for food. She will rule with a long kitchen knife.

Support for HIV/AIDS victims runs the risk of being taken over by HIV infected criminals who will now talk of Positive Living and stigma and discrimination. But they are criminals planning to rip off the system with violence. 

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