Tuesday, 16 July 2013


The National 17 July 2013  P21.

There is a report of an Aussie former headmaster in an international school in China charged in the Philippines with procuring small boys to his hotel for photographs and sex.
He claimed in Court that they were his friends procured by a 14 year old boy and a taxi driver. He will undoubtedly seek support of the United Nations Charter of Children's Rights that gives all under age children the right of association.
They have the right to be taken to the hotel room of any paedophile and their parents have no right to stop them. The UN Charter is paedophile.
If memory serves correctly, a head teacher at an international school in China was charged in China with paedophile activity about two years ago. Is this the same person? Did the Australian Federal Police let him go free?
Mr Rudd, there is a good chance that the Australian Foreign Affairs and Australian Federal Police are gay, paedophile and corrupt.
What of the Australian teacher to be arrested about 3 years ago for having student girl friends and taking nude photos? He escaped to North Queensland. Yet Julian Moti was pursued with a vengeance.

Let us hope that Kevan Rudd Jnr. is never raped by an Australian paedophile.

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