Wednesday, 31 July 2013


There is a certain naivety in Papua New Guinea on refugeees settling on Manus. A Seventh Day Adventist elder from Manus announced that the nation has a Christian duty. That is true. But the nation has to protect itself from the many yet unknowns.
A silly woman tweeted PNG Attitude saying that blaming Moslem gays is taking the PNG nation down to the bottom. Catholic Bishops wrote of the many unknowns that require the nation to be careful.
We are not to know that the nation and the world are being tricked by a massive horde of gay Moslems occupying boats and claiming to have left their families behind. They may be playing dirty tricks.
Many gays will not have told their home governments of their HIV status. They fear punishment. Nor will they tell Australia and PNG. They fear deportation.  They may turn Manus into the HIV capital of the South Pacific.
The PNG Government may not be ready with huge supplies of ARV drugs. It may be that the gay refugee contingent will smuggle ARV from the Middle East or Indonesia. Their HIV status will be kept secret.
There may be hundreds of thousands of gay men in the Middle East planning to travel south to the sexual freedom of Australia. Murphy's Law says that if this can happen, it certainly will.

Unrest in refugee camps of Nauru and Manus may have several causes. One source of stress may be a scarcity of ARV drugs with the black market or Health Department.

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