Saturday, 20 July 2013


Australia has always had a forward defence policy with our shores defended from north of Australia. This should be well known by Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister and Kokoda survivor. Please click:

Australia out: Asylum boat people will be sent to PNG
Now forward defence is no longer to exist with the plan to settle Moslem refugees on Manus Island. They will slowly take over the island and move into PNG society. We are talking about forever from now.
Among refugees will be Moslem extremists. The South Pacific has always basked in moderate Islam in Indonesia brought by traders in centuries past.
How long before Manus becomes a Moslem enclave with Sharia law? Ten years? Forty years?
How long before PNG suffers its first car bomb attack? There will be plenty of fertilizer available on Manus to make bombs. Do not say that extremists will not find their way into PNG. They can now come in by many routes and hide among the new arrival refugees.
Two prime ministers are importing militant Islam into Papua New Guinea and the Australian forward defence zone. PNG will become a strategic target for militant Moslems? How is a real refugee identified?
Will Australia promise to defend PNG from militant Islam? It would be good if we could bring Bob Menzies back. At least he only sold pig iron to the Japanese before World war 2.

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