Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Over the last year, Medicins Sans Frontieres has raised the profile on the violence of PNG men to women. Their statistics raise ethical questions. There seems to have been gross exaggeration on violence of men to women, particularly in the highlands.

There seems to be an anti-man ideology so characteristic of the overseas lesbian activists. Perhaps MSF is a sucker organization in the hands of foreign lesbians.

Expatriates cry about abused women but that is to a great extent a false picture. There are also abused men. Step one is for a violent wife to give him a reputation as a womaniser
 Then she can bash him every time he comes home late. Even good husbands can be given this treatment so as to be terrified about ever having any other relationship.
Of course there is violence of men to women. There are questions that have to be raised about the record keeping in MSF clinics.

There was a report on MSF in the Post Courier that set out their work that included gynaecology, STI, TB and malnutrition. Good work. Surely the MSF record keepers are not pretending that this is all about domestic violence. Fake results.

The relationship between many highlands men and women is undergoing change. Many are violent to one another. Many women and girls are seeking a good time and readily smoke marijuana and drink homebrew. Dinners are not being cooked. Children are running around naked and dirty. Children are smacked when crying around a mother playing cards.

The Sunday Chronicle recent wrote of young smokers of marijuana suffering brain damage and psychosis leading to hideous violence. MSF has no focus on the treatment for marijuana and brain damage. Too difficult.

I suffered two years of violence with my daughters' mother from the Eastern Highlands. She never argued without a rock or knife in her hand. I broke with her after two years and two daughters. She found a man who lived with her but broke up in 12 months. She stabbed him in the stomach on the accusation of sleeping with women. That could have been me.

If I defended myself, she would run to her uncles crying about my violence. In the present era, some women are using the same trick to put men in gaol. They will use the law for their own purpose. Both men and women commit adultery by mobile phone. Yet the bleeding hearts on PNG Attitude are putting it all on men.

MSF claims to have established that 64 % of PNG men confess to gang rape. Liars. That statistic was probably created in a lesbian coffee shop in down town Sydney.

The problem is that MSF lesbians are into lesbian feminism not gender equality. Recently UN Women put a job advertisement in the media that announced gender equality. But it was all about lesbian feminism.

Lesbian activists have an anti-man fixation. They will accept any accusation of violence from a woman. A medical worker may be told that the woman was bashed by her husband. They will not be interested in the fact that she hit him first on the head with a rock. And many will never reveal that.

But many are bashed by their husbands for cruel reasons.

Daily hit tally: 107, 125

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