Sunday, 28 July 2013


An exodus of gay Moslem men

There have been large numbers of boat people who have taken leaky boats headed for Australia. Many are young men. We are told that some families have come as well. But aerial photos of refugee boats indicate more young men.
Recently, the spokesman for UNHCR stated that the refugees were families, unaccompanied children and other vulnerable individuals.
Nations do not want to claim responsibility which leaves room for gross violence, rape and paedophilia among the refugees.
We read on Google that the numbers of gay HIV Moslem men is rising in the Middle East. Those find great official difficulty if infected with HIV. They risk punishment under Sharia law. Please click:

An HIV Positive Muslim Says “Salamu-alaikum” | Magnetic Fire
It may be that large numbers of boat people are gay Moslem men who seek a nation that will protect them and treat their HIV infection. They do not come as families but as two men.

The nations that accept same sex marriage should be prepared to accept gay Moslem men.

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