Wednesday, 24 July 2013


There apears to be gross political naivety among supporters in PNG and Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd over the plan to bring refugees to settle on Manus Island.
We are hearing how the refugees will settle and give no trouble. I am reminded of the British Prime Minister who declared in 1939 "Peace in our time". Within months, the Germans had invaded Europe.
That is not to say that refugees to Manus will be war like and aggressive.  Many will be grateful to have moved into peace in their time with their families. But there will be extremists who regard themselves as warriors of Allah. Such warriors live throughout SE Asia as close as Indonesia and the Philippines.

There is a possible domino effect in the place of the communist domino theory of the 1950s. There will be an unstoppable southward move to Australia. Silly people say that PNG will not be suitable. What naivety !! Any port in a storm.
But Moslems may well find the PNG culture to be foreign and insulting to Allah. They will be offended by nudity, bare breasts, women's freedom, penis gourds, polygamy, adultery, alcoholism, contempt for faith and the focus on condoms in the HIV/AIDS campaign, particularly women's condoms. The gay and lesbian agenda will change. What happens when there are large numbers of PNG converts to Islam? 
There will be sects like Sunnis and Shias who will undoubtedly bring violence to PNG. They may seek to annihiliate one another on PNG soil. There will be trouble with two warring groups seeking to dominate Moslem authority. Please click:


BBC NEWS | South Asia | Pakistan's Shia-Sunni divide
Will the people smugglers end up docking to discharge their human cargo at the PNGDF wharf at Lombrum on Manus Island? The trafficking may well increase from this time. There is no guarantee that the numbers of boat people will be reduced by Rudd's new policy.

The refugee boats intercepted by ships of the Royal Australian Navy will have refugees taken on board and dumped on the wharf at the PNGDF naval base on Lombrum on Manus Island. Too easy.

It may well be that there is not a problem with land on Manus. Most boat people may well be urban dwellers who want to live in the towns. Gay men among the boat people will want to disappear into the anonymity of Australian cities.

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