Monday, 29 July 2013


It seems that Australia in putting itself into grave peril with the Rudd decision on refugees settling on Manus Island. How do we shut the stable door after the horses have bolted?

Australia used to live comfortably in the South Pacific threatened only by the Japanese navy in World War 2. Now our forward defence line is poised to crumble. Our defence line once shrank to the Brisbane line with the invasion of the Japanese considered imminent in 1942.

Now the forward defence line appears not to exist with other nations moving within its borders. There is China operating mining in Papua New Guinea. Russia is spreading good will through the South Pacific.
But the unknown quantity is the movement of refugees from the Middle Eastern nations involved in conflicts that may never cease. But now Papua New Guinea is being pushed to bear the brunt. We read a light-hearted report on PNG Attitude. Please click:
Australia will remain involved. How will Australia respond to armadas of refugee boats? Will it be left to the PNGDF maritime element?
What of civil unrest between settled refugees and with the PNG people? How does the PNG Government decide who is a genuine refugee? Will the Australian military give support? Will we have our own Afghanistan in the South Pacific?
The forward defence line is falling to pieces. Armaments will arrive by refugee boats. Will we seek support of the United States?

The balance of power is poised to change in the South Pacific. The Taliban may be pleased to give Australia a bit of its own medicine. In the independent state of Manus, the Moslem nations will have diplomatic representation.

Will PNG converts to Islam be subject to Sharia law? Will adultery be punished by stoning? Will honour killings of family women be ignored?

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