Tuesday, 30 July 2013


The National 31 July 2013 Page 2

Recently our blog featured a report on the undoubted exodus of Moslem gay men by leaky boat to Australia. A response came immediately from Australian Attorney General Mark Dreyfus who said that no group would be ruled out. Please click:

He said that homosexuality is illegal in PNG and can attract a jail sentence of 14 years. The knowledge of the Attorney General leaves a lot to be desired.
There has not been a prosecution in PNG in living memory. This is just the gay propaganda from the UN and AusAID paedophiles seeking to force PNG legislation legalizing gay and lesbian sex. They are saying that gay men and lesbian women in PNG are afraid to go for medical treatment for fear of being arrested. Liars.
But it is now likely that the UN paedophiles will start their pressure again particularly those from UNAIDS and UN Women. They will want to maximize the numbers of Moslem homosexuals into PNG and Australia. Moslem sex is undoubtedly more exotic.

The leaky refugee boats must be a real meat market among the Moslem gays and paedophiles. Refugee children would be in real danger. The trick would be to get a child under your blanket at night.

So the Australian Attorney General says the gay refugees will be sent to PNG regardless of the fact that they can go to gaol. Liar. Even if he believes this, he is showing Australian arrogance in flouting PNG laws.

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