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If you read no other report on this blog, read this one. It is at the epicentre of the HIV/AIDS infection.

The action of HIV on the body is very badly understood by the community. The course of action is not well known because of the lack of knowledge on what is going on.

The digestive tract consists of the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. Food is emulsified in the stomach and turned into chyme.

It passes to the small intestine where nutrients, salts and water are absorbed. Some absorption takes place in the stomach and some in the large intestine. Waste passes out through the rectum.

The wall of the small intestine is covered with row upon row of villi. These are small protrusions that increase the surface area of the gut for absorption. The villi are comprised of epithelial cells.  The gut lining is prone to damage with cracks and tears appearing from time to time.

The gut is full of millions of microscopic viruses, germs and bacteria that are kept in place behind the gut wall.

But the HIV changes all that by replicating in the CD4 T cells and causing the gut lining to tear in places, slowly over the years, allowing the entry of bacteria, germs and viruses through the damaged gut wall. Some are beneficial to the body in their place in the gut..

There are hideous parasites in the gut, particularly introduced to the intestine of gay men by licking anuses and engulfing parasite eggs. Some are able to breach the blood-brain barrier and damage the brain.

The body becomes susceptible to the HIV and the gut parasites. So modern treatment for HIV infection is first to reduce the invasion of parasites through the damaged gut wall. There are drugs that can immobilize the parasites in the gut. Even common SEPTRIN will reduce the parasite load.

The first major task is to mend the broken fence and block out the gut parasites. This is done with ARV drugs combined with the antibiotics.

Since the HIV has been regularly shepherded down the abdominal artery to the gut mesentery and the small intestine, the ARV will immobilize the HIV in the blood. The sufferer will be advised at some time in the future of a zero viral load in the blood.

There will be reduced replication in CD4 T cells. The tearing of the gut lining will slow down. Soon the gut parasites will not be able to enter the body through the damaged gut lining.

Some sufferers will die despite successful ART against the HIV. Some will die from the bacterial infections, particularly gay men. Believers say that gay sex is unnatural. Licking anuses is certainly unnatural and potentially fatal.

The roundworm Ascaris lumbricoides can lay 3 million eggs in the gut epithelium. It exudes an anti-protelytic enzyme to prevent its own digestion. This will also pass through the cracks in the gut wall.

Now the sufferer has to work to build up the body cells again with nutritious food containing all the food groups including protein. The gut lining will respond to nutrition and slowly mend. Now the job is to eliminate the HIV from the blood.

But HIV is not removed from the body. If it did, the ARV would be called a cure. The virus is in hiding places. Google reports on new hiding places all the time including the lymph organs, CD4 cells of the gut and the gut itself.

If the sufferer ceases to take the daily ARV, there is the chance of immunity and HIV bursting out of the hiding places with even greater vigour. The sufferer will die, being unable to afford the next regime of non-immune drugs.

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