Wednesday, 22 February 2017


The National AIDS Council of Papua New Guinea has never had a strong positive role in promoting national HIV/AIDS awareness. There is always a gay and lesbian message in there to be pushed on the community.

A key trouble maker has been Frieda Taimbari who now calls herself the NAC team leader. She has resurrected the old lesbian message of stigma and discrimination. 

That time has passed long ago with HIV infection becoming routine in the general community.

Taimbari is trying to tell the community that care groups stigmatize (1) gay and lesbian people and (2) sex workers. It is all part of an ongoing trick to push the Government into legalizing gay and lesbian sex and prostitution.

If Taimbari says that care groups stigmatize these people, let her name the care groups and any worker involved. Let her explain how the stigmatization takes place.

It may be that church care groups do counsel sex workers against selling their bodies. They may talk of the importance of family to all people and the dangers of infection and abuse. 

Taimbari does not want that. The lesbian gestapo wants sex workers, gays and lesbians to be completely free to do what they want.

My experience with Taimbari came about 5 years ago when she spent a brief time with the National Capital Provincial AIDS Council. 

I had criticized the lesbian focus of a workshop that Taimbari had run for the PNGDF for defence wives. There should have been a family focus but that is not how the lesbians operate.

It was most unprofessional with no understanding of the service problems of defence families and no consultation with the officers of the PNGDF. It was lesbian anti-man. I still have the report from the seminar.

I entered the provincial AIDS Council offices as I did regularly. The Positive Living message was well accepted among workers there. Silly woman Taimbari ordered me to leave as I was trespassing. 

When I told this woman what to do with herself, she demanded that I accompany her to the police station to be charged with trespass and defaming the lesbian message. She made a fool of herself that day.

The lesbians of the National HIV/AIDS response want to trick and pressure the government into legalizing (1) gay and lesbian sex and (2) sex workers. 

They would condemn all imaginary violence of men on public transport and in the Gordons market. They would have their own hidden agenda starting with 22 reserved seats for women in parliament.

They claim that all gays, transsexuals and sex workers are afraid to go to care centres for treatment because of stigma and discrimination. Liars. Taimbari is dreaming. 

Care centres are far better than that. I hope I am not arrested by police on complaint from this silly woman. I am very busy.

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