Tuesday, 14 February 2017


There is an ugly game being played out in Papua New Guinea on violence to women. The main offenders are the United Nations and gay supporting daily newspaper the Post Courier. 

AIDS Holistics has a file of fake lesbian statistics on violence by men with much being freely published in the editorials of the Post Courier, inspired by the gay Managing Director. 

Statistics are undoubtedly provided by the corps of foreign lesbian activists who work on the basis that lies and fake information told often enough will eventually be accepted as truth. 

Hitler and Josef Goebbels told a decade of lies against the Jews in Germany. There are old German men and women who still believe what they learned about Jews at school 80 years ago.

With the sad death of Ruby Ann Laufa last week, the Post Courier has already assumed the guilt of the boy friend. 

The editorial told readers that 50% of women are raped in their own families with 68% suffering physical violence. 

The editorial from yesterday told us that "data from recent studies" advised on such violence. The foreign lesbians are up to their old tricks. 

When and where did studies take place? How many women interviewed? What organizations conducted the study? 

Or are these studies just vicious vilification from lesbians who have their own track record of sexual abuse of same-sex partners? 

Google reports are that lesbians have hideous ways of punishing their same-sex partners. A standard way is to control a partner's income and threaten to tell the family, friends and employers that the partner is gay or lesbian. 

Lesbian activists have the audacity to accuse fathers of abusing their children. A father may ground his daughter for coming home drunk. Lesbians call that abuse. She swore at her father and he slapped her. That is violence. 

A son may be prevented from staying with a friend and smoking marijuana. Childless lesbians call that abuse. 

The son is told he has rights and can leave the house at any time. Lesbian activists want to sabotage parental authority.

There was the famous lesbian study presented at an overseas conference that announced that 50% of Buka men rape their wives. 

President Momis denounced the report stating that no such survey had ever been conducted on Buka. It was UN fake. 

Helen Clark made a point of visiting Momis on her last trip. No prizes for guessing what was discussed.

In the Post Courier editorial we read that men on Bougainville have incest with daughters for matrilineal land to stay in the family. Where did that come from?

We have been told that 50% of children are afraid to go out at night. That is good. They should be in the safety of their homes. They may be in danger from gay and lesbian paedophiles on the streets.

We have been told that 2000 people had been treated for violence. No mention was made of whether or not they were men or women. This is an undoubted way to fake statistics. Just record all people seeking treatment as women.

It would be a clever reporting trick if many of those treated were men. Violence occurred in the home ..... and elsewhere !! 

What does "elsewhere" mean? In Papua New Guinea? Middle East? Africa? It is all part of the lesbian repertoire of reporting tricks. Lesbians seek ways to inflate fake statistics in uncheckable ways.

There are 7 million men and women in Papua New Guinea. How many of them are raped women? How many men have raped them? How many husbands are good and caring men? How many women are female rogues?

How many women are in Papua New Guinea prisons for killing men and women? Do the foreign lesbians go to the gaols to give these women training and rehabilitation? Perhaps they are not pretty enough and unavailable for sex.

There has to be an end to violence to women. But that will not be achieved with ongoing fake diagnoses from the United Nations and Post Courier. 

Focus has to be on family. The National newspaper is getting the message right on the importance of family.

Let us end with the most infamous fake lesbian statistic of 3 years ago that reported that 64% of PNG men confess to gang rape.

Of course that excludes the Governor-General, Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Chief Justice, Archbishops of the Anglican and Catholic churches and Governor of NCD. 

The rest of us are potential rapists. Gay and lesbian paedophiles are not included in the survey. 

Paedophiles will have the right to sex with children when the age of consent is lowered or abolished. Paedophiles claim that parents abuse children by not allowing them to have sex with adults. They claim to be protecting the rights of children to sex.

Lesbian journalists will support the abolition of the age of consent when the time comes. What do you think, Kevan Smith?

Recent reports show that 65% of foreign lesbians are old, ugly and on their last fling.  As well 93% seek to live with young girls. It is also reported that 86% of foreign lesbians are violent to the PNG young lovers. This is an AIDS Holistics survey. Haha.

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