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Family Positive Living stops much suffering in bringing peace, love and security to family members.

Foolish gays and lesbians in this country have a fake professional message to journalists that they must not refer to people living with HIV/AIDS as being AIDS sufferers. 

They know nothing. So many foreign gays and lesbians are so negative and hating of family, they may have been abused as children or suffering advanced AIDS dementia from ignoring Positive Living.

Of course there can be suffering particularly among those who do not follow Positive Living, are not on ARV treatment or defaulted on medication.

There are still many people infected with HIV who live in the isolated rural areas and have not been tested nor put on ARV treatment. 

They suffer the full force of HIV infection that allows them to live from 8-12 years at the most. Their CD4 count drops as their immune system is attacked by the HIV virus. 

Their small intestine ceases to absorb nutrients, salts and water. Cells cease to break down the nutrients. The Krebs Cycle stops. They are on their way to death through intense suffering.

HIV blocks replenishment of nutrients which damages the brain causing dementia, delusions and hallucinations of the worst kind. 

There is a common thread among AIDS sufferers that they fear being killed by evil spirits or people. I looked after Linda who died of AIDS in 2003 at a time when ARV treatment was not available free of charge.

Linda believed that a Samarai woman from Milne Bay was waiting as a black bird in a tree outside the house ready to kill her. She saw her red eyes every night. Linda suffered badly. My small children suffered fear with Linda. We all suffered.

Damon Courtenay thought the CIA was disguised as doctors and nurses and planning on killing him. His story was in the book written by his father Bryce Courtenay - April Fool's Day. 

He had the delusion that he was the commander of the armed forces. He was seriously demented with AIDS. Please click:

April Fool's Day (novel) - Wikipedia

April Fool's Day is a 1993 book by Australian author Bryce Courtenay
tribute to the author's son, Damon Courtenay, a haemophiliac who

For those who follow Positive Living, there can still be suffering in realizing that they can never marry the person of their choice as infection will drive the person away. They must reveal their positive status before any sexual contact.

Reduced life choices cause despair and loneliness at being unable to marry. They may have problems in finding a suitable loving partner who is HIV infected too. They will suffer.

It may be that some HIV infected men and women will lack the morality that will support a happy marriage. 

Such words may make people angry but it is reality. The infected person suffers through loneliness. They may have to stay with family all their lives without the joy of having children.

So it would be useful if the gay and lesbian activists shut their mouths on suffering. They would not know unless they too are HIV positive. If suffering from AIDS dementia, they should seek ARV drugs and follow Positive Living.

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