Thursday, 23 February 2017


For over a decade now the Australian gay and lesbian trash have been pushing the gay and lesbian agenda into the Papua New Guinea community. 

It is anti-family, anti-men, anti-parents, anti-faith, anti-Scripture, anti-responsibilities and anti-traditional marriage.

There has been a strong effort by foreign gays and lesbians to stop the Positive Living message by having AIDS Holistics banned in 2002. 

They wanted only focus on (1) violence of men (2) abuse of women (3) rights of children - with no focus on FAMILY or FAITH

They did not want loving families but opted to set up a gender war. They wanted women to defeat men not care for them as husbands. These were lesbian haters at work.

The Positive Living message was illegal according to the foreign activists with any care group being denied funding if the message was part of their agenda.

That is why Friedah Taimbari once tried to have the founder of AIDS Holistics arrested in Port Moresby for entering the Provincial AIDS offices as he had done for several years, even to conduct awareness training.

He was unlawfully on the premises according to the gay and lesbian white trash. They should know. They banned AIDS Holistics. 

They wanted the Positive Living message to die so that the gay and lesbian agenda would grow.

Taimbari is a national lesbian who wants to promote gay and lesbian sex not family love and caring. 

She was following the foreign hatred of the Positive Living message that had grown to become the major part of the national AIDS awareness over 15 years. It was quietly being supported by care groups and churches.

The founder of AIDS Holistics has been banned by the national and foreign gay and lesbian trash. 

He was banned in the early stages by gay paedophile Stewart Watson now Head of UNAIDS and Elizabeth Cox lesbian paedophile and past Head of UN Women.

He was evicted from the AIDS building in Port Moresby 3 years ago by Peter Bire the head of the National AIDS Secretariat. 

Bire showed himself to be a gay boy pushing the Positive Living message away to support the gay and lesbian agenda with Taimbari.

All of this reveals the white and national gays, lesbians and paedophiles and their hatred for the family Positive Living message.

Now we find that lesbian Friedah Taimbari is team leader of the National AIDS Council. Why is this nation constantly being infested by white and national gay and lesbian trash in the response to the AIDS pandemic?

AIDS Holistics is still banned but Family Positive Living is the prime message among care groups and churches. 

Taimbari has to accept that and not destroy her own credibility by trying to do the impossible. Family Positive Living is here to stay.

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