Friday, 17 February 2017


Foreign lesbians know they can never marry young girls in Papua New Guinea. They can never be seen in the village or on the streets with a young girl.

They know that young girls can never leave their apartment. They will be snatched by fathers, uncles and brothers in the street. Foreign lesbians can not be seen on the street with a young lover. 

The lesbian advisor can never visit the family without a cover story. She is my research assistant, the family is told.

There was a well known incident about 5 years ago of a group of brothers, uncles and father who snatched a young woman from the car in the car park of the high rise apartment opposite the Crowne Plaza hotel in Port Moresby.

The AusAID lesbian was not injured as she ran away to the hotel, leaving her car and young lover. The car was not stolen. 

Just the young woman had been taken away. Case closed in the media. There was never a police search. They knew where the young girl was.

Australian gay and lesbian advisors prefer apartments behind high fences with security guards so that they can live in peace with young male and female lovers away from uncles, brothers and father.

Gay paedophiles prefer to take young boys to a hotel so that boys, uncles, father and brothers will never know where they live. 

There have been foreign gay men in Port Moresby mysteriously murdered probably by boys they took home, raskol gang members or family men quietly allowed through the door later in the night.

Family men rescue young girls from lesbians in South Africa. The cover story in the media is that lesbians are raped by men who are jealous that they choose sex with young girls. 

The truth is more that lesbians are punished by family men for stealing their sister/daughter/niece.

The trick in this country is for lesbian advisors to have young girls live with them but call them adopted daughters or research assistants. That keeps the family men away.

In the meantime, there is the ongoing hate campaign that all PNG men are violent and abuse women and girls. Many are loving men who protect their young boys and girls from foreign sexual predators.

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