Friday, 24 February 2017


All gays, lesbians and paedophiles hate the Positive Living message. They oppose FAMILY and fathers and want boys and girls to stay away from the home and on the streets available for sex with paedophiles.

The team leader of the Papua New Guinea National AIDS Council Secretariat has a track record of opposing Positive Living messages and seeking to have the founder of AIDS Holistics arrested and put in gaol.

Friedah Taimbari shows us all that she is a lesbian activist by her opposition to Positive Living. She plans to push the gay and lesbian agenda on the community with no consultation as she did in the employ of Burnet consultants.

False claims are being made of stigma and discrimination against people with HIV infection. Taimbari is behind the times. 

But she must not blame families and care groups for undesirable behaviour of the few sex workers and other people with the virus who cause problems for others. Lesbians take the side of those causing trouble. Trouble makers of a feather flock together. They reject family.

We recall Peter Momo who was an alcoholic and violent wife basher. He was rejected for immense drunken disruption to his religious family. So he used to talk to the media about family stigma and discrimination when it was entirely his fault. He is dead now.

Margaret Marabe was HIV positive who caused immense stress in 3 Angels Care centre by being a sex worker who brought men back to her room for paying sex. 

She was the one who claimed to have seen HIV sufferers buried alive but could not remember the village when the police interrogated her. She blamed stigma of family for her own conduct.

Maura Elaripe was a major trouble maker who was rejected by family for rejecting her HIV husband Max and then bringing his HIV negative cousin to live with her for sex. 

They were kicked out of 3 Angels Care when he went on a rampage in the centre accusing her of infecting him with HIV. He bashed down her door with an axe. Jay may be dead with HIV by now. What did he expect if he had nightly sex with an HIV sufferer?

For most people with the virus who take ARV drugs and go on by Positive Living in a loving family, HIV infection has become routine. 

In loving families, no loved one is concerned or ashamed that there is an HIV positive person in the family. Love beats shame. But the loved one must not infect other people.

Those who follow Positive Living go on with their lives in study, working in a job, going out at night, helping around the house, arguing with parents and siblings. 

They are healthy, eating nutritious food, putting on weight, blood pressure normal, exercising every day and taking medication on time. Life is almost normal.

Foolish gays and lesbians object to HIV infectd people being called sufferers. Those on ARV do not suffer but people with no access to ARV or defaulting on medication can suffer horrific deaths with HIV/AIDS. 

Infected family members can make family suffer with their fierce dementia and violence. Sufferers can harm family peace by screaming at night with fear of evil spirits that have come to kill them. Children of the family will be terrified. Fear of death by evil is a sign of dementia of HIV sufferers in the final stages.

It may be that lesbian activists have no contact with infected people and know nothing of family problems. They are just amateurs in AIDS awareness, experts in lesbian ideology but not in AIDS care.

Infected people living well had gone to a care centre once to be disgnosed and given medication. Then they go back for refills of medication every few months. It is low key and routine. 

Stigma and discrimination of care groups is a fantasy dreamed up by lesbians just like the violence of men to women on public transport in Port Moresby.

Taimbari will have other agenda to follow as the team leader. She will push for the 22 reserved seats in parliament and expect to be given a seat. She will support the trojan horse UNDP Practice Parliamentary session and legislations to legalize gay and lesbian sex and prostitution.

Such legislations are intended for the gay and lesbian community to dominate Papua New Guinea with destruction of family, parental authority and increase in access of paedophiles to children.

The community should just ignore the output of the National AIDS Council under the leadership of Friedah Taimbari. It is false lesbian propaganda. Apart from stigma, abuse of women and discrimination, they have nothing worthwhile to say. Men are blamed for all violence.

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