Friday, 10 February 2017


Women of Papua New Guinea be warned that the foreign white lesbian plan for 22 reserved seats in parliament is very much alive and will raise its ugly head in the 2017 election. 

It is a plan to empower lesbians not ordinary heterosexual women who will be seen as enemies of the women's movement even if elected by popular vote. There is no honour among lesbian activists.

The 22 seats will be used to empower lesbians to control men and women. Women's groups will be infiltrated just as gay and lesbian activists infiltrate Government departments of public housing, health, welfare, legal, police and education.

Ordinary women's groups will be denied reserved seat DSIP funding if the members do not support the lesbian agenda and allow the group to be taken over by lesbians.

The 22 seats will damage the unity of Papua New Guinea and place power in the hands of foreign and national lesbians.

The last activity in the coming UNDP organized Practice Parliamentary debate will undoubtedly be the mock debate on a 22 Reserved Seat bill. 

That will have a double purpose. It will allow the issue to be headline news in the gay supporting Post Courier in the weeks leading up to the 2017 election. 

It will also identify any woman participant in the trojan horse UNDP Practice Parliament who speaks against the bill and thus opposes the lesbian agenda. 

Any such women will be shown the door and told never to come back. UN lesbians are just too clever. They think they are at a higher level and able to hyjack PNG parliament. 

They blew their credibility with ongoing hate messages about men. Women are not abused on public transport by men. Governor Parkop has started a new story. It is not men on public transport. Nor is it NCDC thug rangers. It is young men moving to the city from Hela province.

It was all just girly-girly and meri-man misinformation. Women are not attacked by men in the markets. Only petty criminals operate outside the markets, some of whom had been NCDC ranger thugs. 

Parkop is a lawyer and should get his facts straight. He is not in Court now and must not give out false stories.

Most PNG women want women politicians with a community track record of helping people. They do not want lesbian activists who follow a foreign agenda and cause disunity in parliament and the community.

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