Sunday, 5 February 2017


Papua New Guinea has yet to face pressure from foreign white lesbians of the United Nations on 22 reserved seats in parliament for 2017.

Lobbying will start with the trojan horse Practice Parliamentary Session for women organized by UNDP most likely supported prior to the election with front page news in the gay supporting Post Courier. 

Last training activity is advertised as a mock debate and will undoubtedly be on the 22 reserved seat bill. It is half-smart election campaigning disguised as training.

National lesbians will move into 22 seats year by year, led by Elizabeth Cox naturalized citizen who as lesbian Minister for Community Development will make changes to the Marriage Act and legalization of gay and lesbian sex. 

They will work by their own rules not parliamentary procedure and discipline. How will the seats be allocated? Will women's groups be given a seat? It will be the start of a power struggle among women's groups with lesbians seeking to take control.

Will reserved seat women receive DSIP funds? Will these be spent on an electorate or on women's groups. That would amount to over K400 million a year diverted for 22 women.

Will the lawfully elected women be discriminated against, intimidated and bullied by the lesbian reserved seat women and their supporters?

Will PNG then become subject to a second parliament of lesbian women? Will this nation become the first colony of the UN One World Government? These women will be activists not parliamentarians.

Will Helen Clark be offered the position of president of the new one world government?

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