Thursday, 16 February 2017


Lesbian: Are you happy at home Julie?

Young girl: Not really. My dad is very strict.

Lesbian: You have rights under the UN Charter of Children's Rights.

Young girl: I had big trouble last week.

Lesbian: What did he do to you?

Young girl: I came home late from school and he was angry.

Lesbian: Why were you late?

Young girl: I spent the night with my boyfriend.

Lesbian: You have every right to do that.

Young girl: My father says he is married and will not let me be with him.

Lesbian: The UN charter gives you the right of association.

Young girl: My father grounded me for a month.

Lesbian: That is abuse. Has he ever hit you?

Young girl: He slapped me last week.

Lesbian: Why?

Young girl: I called him an arse hole.

Lesbian: He assaulted you. That is violence and a matter to take to police.

Young girl: Who will give me bus fare and school lunch money?

Lesbian: I will put you down on file as a survivor of domestic violence.

Young girl: Thank you.

Lesbian: Go to the police and I can have you put into care. You can live with me,

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