Tuesday, 11 April 2017


I have always felt betrayed by Joe Lari. He allowed me and my children to face these thugs alone. He was afraid they would burn the centre down so he kept away and pretended he was on their side. Joe was a Christian coward. My last word.

For 3 months in 2005, I was caretaker at 3 Angels Care in East Boroko at the request of Joe Lari recently deceased. He owned the centre and ran 3 Angels Care.

Joe was granted K50,000 to run a care centre funded by AusAID. He moved people in but did not start operations for 12 months. He was asking for trouble.

Much happened in those 12 months with a group of thug PLWHA forcing their way in and refusing to leave. 

Joe asked me to be care taker but did not warn of the violence and misconduct. His eviction letters were ignored which he did not tell me.

I arrived with my daughters to meet the 5 PLWHA over staying in rooms. They had moved men or women in to their room. 

Men from the street ignored all rules and spent nights drunk and coming back to bash the women they lived with. Women unlocked the gates for men.

These people went into revolt when Joe Lari advised that the centre was soon to become a Positive Living Training Centre.

They claimed the centre belonged to them and that the care taker should leave immediately. As care taker, I tried to stop violence of drunken men but was bashed. 

This frightened my daughters who saw their father knocked unconscious twice, hit with an iron bar and kicked on the ground by one of the intruder men.

A claim was made that the care-taker must leave as he molested children including his own. AusAID lesbians had put them up to this to block the Positive Living Training Centre

The AusAID lesbians were paedophile and anti-family. They wanted to force a gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda on the nation. Lesbian thugs wanted weak families that would give access to sex with young girls,

One night my daughters were terrified when these people broke into our room and declared they were taking my daughters into care. I blocked them at the door with an iron bar.

AusAID lesbians stopped all funding for food, lighting and water. Funding would return when the child molesting care taker was removed. Great trick.

PLWHA threatened that if they had to leave, the care centre would be burned down. 

It all came to an end when one of the drunken intruders smashed the door down with an axe to kill the woman he stayed with claiming she had made him HIV positive.

The centre was closed and we were all moved out. There is no value in care centres for trouble-makers.

These people thought they could do as they liked as they had the corrupt AusAID lesbian advisors on side. This was gross corruption at the expense of Australian tax payers. These people had the commitment to block the Positive Living Training Centre

Margaret Marabe was a violent prostitute who brought men into her room at night for sex. She ruled the centre with a long knife. The care-taker was stabbed twice. She refused to be evicted by Joe Lari.

Peter Momo was a violent drunk. He spent most of the K800 he earned from UNDP in drinking beer. My daughters remember the last time he bashed his wife and left her lying on the ground with blood coming out of her mouth and nose. She wanted money on pay day. He is dead.

Maura Elaripe was HIV positive and left her HIV positive husband Max and started a relationship with his HIV negative cousin. It was Jay who smashed her door down and had us all evicted. He claimed she had made him HIV positive. She should be in Bomana prison. Jay bashed the care-taker from behind with an iron bar and may be dead.

Sandy was a simple minded girl with a son and HIV positive. She allowed a soldier from Taurama Barracks to live with her every weekend. He was married with children but he still came to 3 Angels Care Centre to booze and bash Sandy. He knocked the care-taker unconscious twice.

Sharon Walker was a gross and ugly AusAID lesbian with the grace and size of a bull elephant seal. She hated the Positive Living message and the founder of AIDS Holistics. Being 120kg in weight, she had learned to throw herself around from early age. She did her best to destroy the Positive Living message. She was a pagan Salvation Army worker, one of several. 

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