Thursday, 6 April 2017


There is an annoying trend to fake reports in the Papua New Guinea media. So many of us have cameras on mobile phones but never do we see a photograph that adds credibility.

We never see photos of crowds of women and girls boarding girly girly meri seif buses. We only see empty buses at a distance. 

Now we have the pastor of Ginigoada telling lies about violence of men on public transport. That is to ensure UN funding.

We are told that 15,000 women and girls take the buses each month. Now that has dropped to 600. The liars have to get their acts together.

Now we have photos from Mt Hagen of young boys carrying a poster of a camel to announce they are not camels. They are wearing clean clothes and shoes. One teenager has an expensive watch.

Never has a photo been shown of a boy carrying a heavy bag of kaukau. It sounds like fakery of junior journalists. Children are not forced into labour at Mt Hagen market.

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