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AIDS Holistics played a role in the PNG AIDS response from 2002 that can only be talked about now. The start of the campaign caused serious alarm to many PNG doctors.

We know now that Australia had moved a horde of racist gay and lesbian Australians to this country who believed they were senior and superior to all PNG doctors. 

No PNG doctor was permitted to express a view on HIV/AIDS without the express authorization by the gay and lesbian office workers from AusAID, most of whom knew nothing of HIV/AIDS.

There was one person who accepted the rightful role of PNG doctors and that was the founder of AIDS Holistics.

All doctors knew that if they ever expressed an unauthorized view they would be black-listed by the racist Australians.

First Director was Dr Clement Malau who was the original Uncle Tom and did exactly as he was told in support of the gay and lesbian agenda. He was rewarded with a posting to Melbourne. 

Dr Ninkama Moya knew how to shut his mouth too as the second Director. Other doctors were afraid of being blackbanned by the AusAID Gestapo. 

Employment with the AIDS campaign was financially important to doctors unable to maintain their own surgery. Doctors could not survive in practice in rural Papua New Guinea.

The only bright light on the horizon was Bruce Copeland founder of AIDS Holistics who was not rich but had an independent source of income.

He had respect but knew how to protect the identity of any doctors who helped him. So the AIDS message went out to the community through AIDS Holistics. An army of gay and lesbian workers tried to destroy the message.

The founder was banned from the National AIDS campaign, refused funding with care groups threatened with black-banning if they made any contact.

Several doctors quietly rallied to give support as they could see that the message was on the right track. First helper was a doctor at POMGH who talked of Positive Living. He left to work at Hobart Hospital.

One doctor gave me a clinical book by Professor Jenny Hoy that gave valuable advice particularly on intestinal parasites in gay men. Please click:

HIV Management in Australasia a guide for clinical care

Discounted registration to the Annual Australasian HIV/AIDS Conference hosted. Free and discounted training courses and seminars contributing to Continuing ... Editors: Jennifer Hoy, Sharon Lewin, Jeffrey J Post, Alan Street.

Some doctors who will remain confidential even now allowed me to contact them to ask questions. That is why AIDS Holistics always got it right.

In the early stages I contacted Dr Glen Mola to ask his support. He made me sit in his waiting room for 2 hours. 

Then he came out to tell me that I should make an appointment and pay the consultation fee. I was not sick and he knew it.

He was most unprofessional as the senior gay doctor who opposed the Positive Living message. 

He wanted to be the only medical expert in the nation and condemned the doctor who started the column in Post Courier. But the Managing Director of the Post Courier was gay too !!

But now the Positive Living message has been hit by over 600,000 readers on two blogs since 2003 run by Geocities and Blogspot.

I am not a doctor and not deeply involved in clinical study. That is doctor work. But I am careful in what I write on AIDS awareness.

I am analytical and a permanent student of HIV/AIDS physiology. I combine physiology with family. I am a teacher of Biology.

My only other enemy was the curmudgeonly Keith Jackson who wrote on his blog PNG Attitude that I had zero knowledge of AIDS Awareness and had trashed my way through professional doctors of Burnet.

He got that right on trashing through Burnet starting with gay Professor Toole. Most were unprofessional gays and lesbians pushing a secret agenda on the people of PNG. But AIDS Holistics got in the way.

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