Wednesday, 5 April 2017


The importance of AIDS Holistics to the PNG national AIDS campaign was seen in the fact that the founder was the only person singled out by foreign gays and lesbians to be destroyed. 

The Positive Living message was taking over from the gay and lesbian agenda. The foreign activists had decided that the gay and lesbian agenda was the true community agenda. 

This will be supported by the PNG Greens party. But they will probably fail in the 2017 elections. The community does not respect hidden agendas.

Over the years the founder was subject to rejection, hate messages to the community, threats of deportation, attempted murder, imprisonment and removal of family. All failed.

Incited by the foreign lesbians, the PLWHA at 3 Angels Care attempted to have the founder taken by a group of highlands tribesmen armed with bush knives. 

He was to be cut up by bush knives on the false claim of molesting a village child. The ringleader Momo is now dead. 

I was the new caretaker of 3 Angels Care in 2005 but the occupants claimed the centre belonged to them and I had to leave. 

When I did not leave they tried to have me killed supported by the foreign lesbians. They had even arranged for highlands men to come and take me by force.

I was saved by the Provincial Care and Counselling officer Rachel Pokesy who was sacked by AusAID lesbians for interference.

Rachel had made the mistake a month before of announcing that she had supported Positive Living all her professional life as a welfare officer. For that the racist Australian lesbians sacked her.

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