Monday, 10 April 2017


Only sex, violence, alcohol and cigarettes

Over the last 15 years, there has been two care centres for PLWHA fail in Papua New Guinea. There was Three Angels Care in East Boroko and another in Mt Hagen, 

A care centre also failed at 16 Mile in Port Moresby due to misconduct of a priest, 

The first two failed for the same reasons. The centres attracted young men and women who were trouble makers and rejected by family. They saw the centre as permanent free accommodation.

There was no stigma and discrimination of family just drunken violent misconduct of the PLWHA family member.

They used the centre as their permanent home where they ate free food provided with donor money. They brought in men and women for sex, regardless of HIV status.

The worst scenario was that there were violent PLWHA thugs who drove the peaceful tenants out and took their rooms. 

Women brought in men off the street to live with them in their rooms. The caretaker could do nothing.

The place for PLWHA is with loving family. There is no value in trouble makers leaving their homes and moving into a care centre where they could be free to booze and have sex.

Now we read of another care centre about to be set up. This is a massive mistake on the part of aid donors to make money available for PLWHA thugs. 

Even if gentle people come at the start, they will soon be chased out with violence. The thugs in residence at 3 Angels Care were Momo, Elaripe and Marabe.

Lesbian AusAID thug Sharon Walker wanted the violent people to stay permanently to block the Positive Living Training Centre being planned. She cut off funding.

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