Sunday, 2 April 2017


My problem is that I do not trust them. They are loyal to no organization except other lesbians, They are not even loyal to gays.

They are ready to tell lies and play whatever tricks are needed to achieve their aims. They plan across the world to infiltrate all Government departments that will put them in control of young girls. These are rhe departments of education, health, welfare, legal and police.

Now they can hand over young girls to take into care over several departments with the signature of several lesbians. It is an in-house job sure to succeed.

I was the first person I know to be treated like this. Care and Counselling Officer Elizabeth Cox started the ball rolling by claiming I molested my daughters. 

That passed to gay paedophile Watson now of UNAIDS. Then to Head of National AIDS Council boy sex lover Barter and on through Bomal Gonapa paedophile legal officer of the AIDS Council to Jeffrey Nape a cousin from Sina Sina Chimbu, now both dead.

Nape wanted to take both girls into care to protect them but truth was that he was the paedophile. Any paedophile accuser can come to Lae to meet my daughters. Be warned that my younger daughter can be violent. Both girls are very protective of their father.

Gay and lesbian activists want to take over all child care for children to be put into orphanages and overseas adoption to gay and lesbian singles and couples. Watch out for Cox of Barnados.

Wait for the hidden agenda of the PNG Green Party.

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