Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Australian gays, lesbians and paedophiles have given neighbouring nations of the Pacific the impression that Australia has been led overseas by sexual fascists.

This is to formally advise the Governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea that this nation has suffered severe corruption at the hands of Australian AusAID gay, lesbian and paedophile advisors to the National AIDS Response from 2002.

This is a Christian country struggling with a focus on family and faith. We would expect that Australian AIDS advisors respected this but they have not done so. The Australian sexual fascists just wanted to destroy family and faith.

They have worked to bully and intimidate the churches and care groups with their anti-family and anti-faith agendas. Stewart Watson spoke for the UN paedophile advisors when he said that family and faith were not relevant.

Community groups were not allowed to strengthen families at the risk of having AusAID funding cut. Australian advisors had decided that families, churches and parents were the enemy opposed to the rights of women and children.

Australian homosexual advisors wanted young boys and girls to be free from the "dictatorship" of parents and church.

They planned a society of weak families where parents had no authority and children had full rights of association for sex.

The agenda is corrupt and against the interests of the traditional family and churches. The task has been passed to the Green Party of PNG gays and lesbians. But they will fail in the 2017 election with their fake agenda.

Over the last 15 years, the main AusAID trouble makers have been Stewart Watson now of UNAIDS, Elizabeth Cox of UN Women and Barnardos and Sharon Walker a past Salvation Army pagan. In this country there have been several pagan older women working for the Salvation Army.

It is good that the Christian groups such as YWAM have replaced the gay and lesbian agenda with support of family. Perhaps Australian Prime Ministers Rudd, Abbott and Turnbull have been trying to clean up the mess.

We are starting to read of messages on family in the media from Governors General, Prime Minister, churches and care groups.

The Australian paedophiles have failed. Governments of the Pacific please note. Ask Australia for YWAM not gay, lesbian and paedophile thugs.

AIDS Holistics and 3 Angels Care had planned for 2 years to set up a Positive Living Training Centre at East Boroko. We would have brought HIV positive people in for two weeks to teach them all aspccts of living with HIV/AIDS.

Then families would be invited to join us in the last two days to learn how to look after their loved ones. They would sleep at the centre in bunk beds.

Our training program designed by a teacher and trainer with degrees in Education and Arts would have led the nation. 

Foreign AusAID lesbian thugs knew that their jobs and their paedophile agenda were on the line. So they worked to destroy us. We  are still here.

The creep sociological and psychological societies in the USA are doing their best to destroy the family message of Dr Paul Cameron. He says that gays die of the average age of 43. Please click:

Paul Cameron - Wikipedia

Paul Drummond Cameron (born November 9, 1939) is an American psychologist and sex. ISIS was shortly afterwards renamed the Family Research Institute (FRI) and moved to Washington, D.C.. In 1995 ... disassociating itself "from the representations and interpretations of scientific literature offered by 
DrPaul Cameron.

That is probably a close estimate given the damage of ripped anuses and gut parasite infections. But he is called right wing and homophobic. Since when is support for family right wing?? Only to gay and lesbian professional criminals.

These societies have been infiltrated by gays and lesbians determined to hide the dangers of gay sex from the community - damaged anuses and antibiotic immune gut parasites. They are criminal not professional.

I am now too old to face the task of leading Positive Living training programs around the PNG nation. But the availability of ARV medication has taken the pressure off families and loved ones suffering from the virus. Many rural families have no access to ARV.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt (Qld)
Teacher of Biology
Counsellor in AIDS Awareness

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