Monday, 3 April 2017


Helen Samilo was a lovely young lady who was HIV positive and supported Positive Living. She was given a program on EMTV to explain how to live positively. She did a much better job than an ugly old white man.

She was involved with Anglicare and I Gat Hope care group and was the means by which the AIDS Holistics message was spread.

Then she died. She became involved with a bush kanaka fundamentalist church whose pastor told her that antiretroviral drugs were not necessary as faith in Jesus could cure her.

She stopped ARV treatment and allowed some fool pastor to sabotage the Positive Living message and her life.

This is the second time I have heard of this happening. A young woman stayed at 3 Angels Care and lived on ARV drugs. Then she went home for the weekend and was taken to church.

The pastor was told that she was HIV positive. He laid hands on her head and prayed to God. He told her to go home and be happy as she was cured. Fool.

She came back to 3 Angels Care about 3 weeks later and explained that she was cured in the name of Jesus. She was smoking. She died about two months later.

Perhaps we should place total faith in Jesus. No need to drink water. Have faith in Jesus. No need for food. Faith in Jesus is all you need. No need for malaria medication. Jesus will cure you.

I bet these fool pastors drink and eat with their families. They buy malaria and TB medication for their children. They are not completely stupid. What do you think Pastor Godfrey Wippon?

The problem is that the established churches Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican and Seventh Day Adventist all give out ARV drugs in their care centres. Please click:

Revivalist PNG church says faith healing can cure HIV - CathNews NZ ..

Jul 25, 2014 - Revivalist churches are promoting prayer as a substitute for medication 
to those with HIV, according to human rights ...

But the bush kanaka fundamentalists want to believe that they have faith higher than the established churches. They can cure in the name of Jesus. No they can  not. Helen Samilo could still be alive. 

We can all have faith in God but God has to know we are cooperating.

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