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Paedophiles claimed the founder of AIDS Holistics was paedophile and violent. Good trick.

AIDS Holistics was set up in 2002 when members of my family were diagnosed HIV positive. I was HIV negative.

We focused on a family approach to AIDS awareness based on the Department of Education Personal Development curriculum that promoted love, caring, peace, nutrition, exercise and freedom from fear and violence. This is all common knowledge in the world today.

Our message was hated by the national and foreign paedophiles who did their best to destroy AIDS Holistics and founder. 

They wanted to take control of women and children by claiming that all men were violent starting with the founder of AIDS Holistics. In reality he was just a sweet, Christian family man trying to start a new life in Papua New Guinea.

Over a decade the hate campaign rose to a crescendo with claims that the founder was a violent paedophile, wife basher, international spy, killer of women and abuser of his daughters.

They arranged violent bashings, attempted murder, banning of AIDS Holistics by the United Nations and AusAID and blocking the founder from all AIDS activities. They failed. Several key haters are already dead.

Key paedophiles included:

Stewart Watson - AusAID and UNAIDS. He announced to the community that family and faith were no longer relevant.

Elizabeth Cox - AusAID, UN Women nd Barnados child adoption agency. She spread the word that the founder was a violent womaniser who was killing women through a fake message. She sought to break up his family.

Sir Peter Barter - past Minister for Health and President of the National AIDS Council. He opposed any focus on family and had the Director of the AIDS Secretariat Wep Kanawi sacked for supporting family. 

He advised the founder that he was to be arrested and his daughters taken into care for sexual abuse. He had sex with boys in Madang, making the town a paedophile venue with paedophile boat cruises to the Trobriands. 

Not a family town. Barter has no wife now. She left him long ago. So he probably hates family. He employs boys at his hotel.

Bomal Gonapa - lawyer of the National AIDS Council and National Housing Commission who banned AIDS Holistics and even had us evicted from a 5 mile house for running a brothel with my daughters. He was cousin of Jeffrey Nape of Sina Sina and is now dead.

Jeffrey Nape - ex-parliamentary speaker and paedophile who wanted sex with teenage girls. He wanted to take my two daughters as he claimed they were being molested by their father. He is now dead.

Wesley Raminai - owner of Sunday Chronicle - banned the Positive Living column on the claim that the founder was an international spy.

Peter Momo - was a PLWHA violent drunk who wanted to kick the founder out as caretaker of 3 Angels Care as he was a known child molester. He tried to have him killed by armed village men but failed on the false accusation of molesting a boy. He is now dead,

What united all these people were the false claims that the founder was a violent child molester and international spy. All opposed family, rights and responsibilities. They were worried that the paedophile corruption in PNG would become world news. Hence the founder became a spy.

I must admit that our reports are probably being read by the CIA, ASIO, Russian intelligence and UN New York and Geneva. These reports tell much about ugly Australian diplomacy. Most hits on this blog come from PNG, United States and Russia.

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