Friday, 11 August 2017


Over the last 17 years, a horde of Australian gays and lesbians arrived in this country to wage a phony war in support of gay and lesbian rights.

They attacked men starting with the founder of AIDS Holistics who they claimed was a violent child molester and womaniser.

They raised the violence against women as the key issue. All women were abused and all men were violent. They thought they would bully Dame Carol Kidu into supporting 22 reserved seats in parliament and legalization of gay and lesbian sex. 

That failed badly not even supported by the woman members elected in their own right. So the foreign lesbians built up the campaign for the 2017 election with heightened hysteria on women being abused and groped on public transport in Port Moresby.

The Meri Seif buses were a waste of petrol. Women did not believe the fake propaganda on violence of men. No woman was elected to parliament in 2017 not even the lesbians of the Green party. 

Women did not trust the new wave of lesbian supported women. Women did not vote for women. It was safer to vote for good men. 

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