Sunday, 6 August 2017


Societies around the world are falling victim to serial killers. Some are soldiers in regular armies while others are marauding rebels preying on citizens.

The TV cable program Criminal Investigation on TVWan focuses on a serial killings committed in the United States and overseas.

One report advised that 10,000 people in the USA are murdered by serial killers every year. There would be 50 active serial killers in the USA at any one time.

Most killers are men preying on young women or teenagers who are abducted, raped, tortured and killed. Their bodies are disposed of.

Many killers are paedophile who abduct children, torture and kill to ensure their silence. They are leaving a trail of murdered children buried in shallow graves on the refugee trail from Syria to Europe. 

Other serial killers prey on LGBT men, women, boys and girls whom they meet in gay bars and take back to their apartments to be raped and killed.

Notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer used to take young gay men to his apartment for sex. He would drug them in a drink, strangle them, cut up their bodies and store the pieces in his refrigerator.

Many serial killers would be paedophiles pretending to be gay. They prey on street kids who would not be missed by their parents until too late. 

They are the lost generation who listened to the United Nations paedophile message that they have the right to go out without their parents knowing.

In Papua New Guinea there have been gay expatriate men who seem to have been killed by young men they took back to their apartment for the night having met them in nightclubs.

Their apartment was ransacked. One gay paedophile man was employed by the Department for Community Development.

The existence of paedophile killers needs to be emphasised in the curriculum of the Personal Development courses in Papua New Guinea schools.

Some HIV + killers have sex with men, women, boys and girls but do not use a condom. They leave their victim to the fate of a slow death.

Gay and lesbian men and women think the issue is all about love, love and love. We all have the right to love but not to kill on a serial basis.

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