Wednesday, 2 August 2017


If gay and lesbian sex were ever included in the Personal Development curriculum of PNG schools, there would need to be a fair balance of focus.

Gays and lesbians seek to destroy families to gain access to children. In the paedophile agenda of the United Nations, there is a focus on child rights with no mention of responsibilities.

The age of consent is to be lowered if the gay and lesbian agenda succeeds so that children can have sex with paedophiles.

Gay men destroy partner's anuses by anal sex and fisting that destroys the wall of the rectum and allows infection to pass into the blood. There will be perpetual leaking of faeces.

Gay men are infested with horrific gut parasites from licking anuses, eating faeces and swallowing parasite eggs.

Paedophiles seek children in secret through internet to groom them and prepare to meet them away from their parents.

Gay men have the highest rate of HIV infection in any country. That is because they do not use condoms and will infect men and boys.

Children across the world are becoming victims of child trafficking. They are stolen and sold for adoption or paedophile sex.

Let all this information be included in the Personal Development curriculum for PNG schools. Children can then see the real picture of gay, lesbian and paedophile sexual depravity.

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