Wednesday, 9 August 2017


This is to express our sincere congratulations to the People's National Congress in forming a new Government under the leadership of Mr Peter O'Neill.

We welcome the appointment of Dr Sir Puka Temu as Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS. We are aware of his long term good will to AIDS Holistics.

We support the nation in rejecting the racist and sexist agenda of the United Nations on women's rights that seeks to undermine family solidarity and authority of parents. The violence of men has been greatly exaggerated for lesbian ideological reasons.

We look forward to the support of the Government in strengthening families and acknowledging good men and women as parents. The foreign message is quite alien to the PNG society and culture.

We support the needs of LGBT people but not at the expense of loving PNG families. All people of all sexuality need the support of mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.

We regret that no good women found their way into parliament in the 2017 election. Perhaps the foreign activists overplayed their hand on rights of women and violence of men. 

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