Thursday, 1 August 2013


The focus of the Moslem faith is family and Allah. If any Moslem goes against either, the Moslem men have the right to punish in the name of Allah. Women can be killed for adultery or even the suspicion of adultery. Men are allowed to have many wives.
Friends have read the reports on this blog and expressed surprise that there are gay and lesbian Moslems. Life is easier for gays. Women can be punished for adultery including lesbians. That is why the refugee boats are full of men. Many will be gays and paedophiles.
Women can not travel alone or in a group of women and girls as they may be raped and murdered as prostitutes. Condoms are seen as the sign of adultery, particularly women's condoms.
All gay men face problems with HIV infection as they may be punished for their sexual offences. They may find difficulty in buying ARV drugs that have to be obtained on the black market.
That is why many gay men will seek to travel to a new life on refugee boats and to live in Australia. We can sympathize with them.
We read of medical checks of refugees on Christmas Island. Does this include HIV tests? If found HIV positive, are the refugees returned to their homeland or allowed to go on with ARV drugs?

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